Music Monday: The Seedy Seeds

Last summer we asked Twitter to help us find music for the movie. Our friends Cindy Tucker and Emily Kimball introduced us to The Seedy Seeds. They're a Cincinnati band with that perfect indie movie sound. We used their song Losing Light for the meet cute scene where David and Joyce first run into each other. It has that fun, awkward tone to it that worked perfectly for David using this line.


I had no idea how important Cindy's introduction would be. Through The Seedy Seeds we met their record label sonaBLAST! who opened up their entire catalog to us. Game changer. Check out the soundtrack. Most of the songs are from sonaBLAST! 

We're in process of putting the soundtrack on iTunes. Stay tuned. Right now we're working on the album art. Click the pic below to see a little Vine video showing the rough concept sketch.

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