Meet the Actor: Bekka Prewitt

When I first started writing ASBOH I had three specific actors in mind as I wrote. Joe Boyd, Ben Keller and Bekka Prewitt. Today I'd like to talk about my friend Bekka.

Her role, Terry, was a part of every single one of the drafts. She's the landlord who is in love with her tenant, David. Like every aspect of the story, Terry has changed and evolved. I think in one of the first drafts she had a pet cat that she wheeled around in a wagon. But from day one I knew I wanted Bekka to play her.

On screen Bekka has a magnetism that makes it nearly impossible to take your eyes off her. And now, after spending countless hours in the edit bay, I think I know why.

It's her eyes. 

Bekka has unbelievable control over what emotions she communicates with her eyes and as a result she's a show stealer in this movie. 

This comes in part from her natural talent and beauty, obviously. But I believe it mostly came from how hard she worked developing on her character. Bekka took the scripts in all their iterations to her acting classes in LA. She developed a backstory that informed every line of every scene. She brought suggestions and ideas to set about little things that made a huge impact. So her eyes are magnetic because behind them is a well of passion, determination and trust. 

It's incredibly fulfilling to write a part for someone and then watch them make it way better than you imagined. I can't tell you how many times I told Isaac in the edit bay how proud I am of Bekka. I'm thrilled for you to see her performance in theaters this September.

Watch Bekka talk with her cast mates about why you should see the movie.

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