Strange Happy Surprise Party for Skeptics

I'm noticing a trend with people who have reviewed or screened A Strange Brand of Happy. Everyone is nervous it's going to be real bad. Multiple folks have said the combo of quirky + romantic comedy + faith-friendly is going to = disaster. They use that exact word. DISASTER. But, nearly every time so far, said skeptics are surprised when it actually works and they genuinely enjoy it. 

Our summer intern, John Ross from tOSU, was one of these skeptics. This morning I had him tell Joe what he told me last week. 


John actually told me that he was nervous the entire summer was going to suck because he'd have to help promote a turd of a movie. (He may not have used such strong language. I may be taking artistic license.) But, this summer didn't suck for John. He's been the one who's created most of the videos we've posted online and turned into quite an advocate for what we're trying to do- mash up things we love; quirky comedy + subtle faith + hope and have it = a good time. 

If you're skeptical about our movie I don't blame you. I would be too. But give us a chance and I think we'll surprise you. So far, that's what keeps happening.

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