Seatzy is Working! Theaters are booking! What’s Next?

Our 3-month Seatzy campaign for A Strange Brand of Happy will end at 11:00 pm EST tomorrow Saturday, August 31.

It’s been quite a journey of discovery as we were the very first movie to ever use this program. The folks at Seatzy had to fix some things on the fly. Things worked mostly as we thought they would, but there are always challenges along the way. There still may be a few to come, but overall…

The important thing I want to communicate today is that Seatzy is working!

We will be announcing our list of officially booked theaters Monday morning, but here’s what we know so far:

-All the cites we’ve reserved over 500 tickets to date will play for a full run (at least 30 screenings) in those markets.

-The overwhelming response in Cincinnati created huge benefits for us not accorded to most small indie films including:

      -The theater in West Chester has scheduled 35 screenings instead of the normal 30.

     -They’ve given us a larger auditorium than normal.

     -Other theaters in the region are contacting us to run the movie.

-Some theaters who were not planning on carrying our movie have decided to book the movie apart from the Seatzy program.

-We were able to book a full run of 30 screenings in Los Angeles at the Regency Van Nuys. It’s hard to play in LA and this allows us to have an LA premiere. It also makes us eligible to receive reviews for the LA Times and other national influencers.

So here’s what you need to know now:

-You can still reserve tickets until Saturday at 11:00 pm EST on Seatzy. That still benefits us in several ways if you do so. Here’s that link.

-You can still donate tickets at this link that will be given to churches around the country to use as an outreach. Donations on Seatzy also shut down Saturday night.

-If you have reserved on Seatzy you will be receiving an email next week letting you know if your campaign was successful and how to claim your e-tickets.

-Beginning Sunday, you will still be able to reserve tickets for the screenings in most every market via Fandango and the theater websites. We will post all the info at

-Every screen we book will play for 7 days. We only reserved for opening weekend on Seatzy, but you can still go and bring friends all weekend and Monday-Thursday in every city.

-Like any other movie, people can walk up and get tickets at the box office. Reserving your tickets early on Seatzy is a massive show of support, but people can still go to the movie by just showing up.

-The movie is eligible to be “carried over” for a second week in every city. It is completely dependent on the box office performance per theater.

-If you have any problems, questions or promotional ideas please contact us directly at  The biggest question we are being asked now is “When will I get my tickets?” We will email you that info as soon as we have sometime between Sept 1-10.

As always, your support and kindness blows me away. There’s no way we get here without you.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.