Update & Answers on ASBOH Tix, etc.

If you have 3 min, please watch this. (Thanks for the flattering screen grab, YouTube.)

Cliff’s notes below. (Make sure to read the first bullet point below if you have a GIFT CARD from us for the movie.)

  • (Not in Video) If you got a GIFT CARD from us we just got the info we need to process them. Make sure you have registered following the instructions on the back and graciously give us some time to get them out. We’re working hard on it.
  • If you reserved tickets on Seatzy you should have received an email from them Monday night with your ticket code. If you didn’t get it, check the email connected to your Amazon account and your spam folders. If you can’t find it, email support@seatzy.com. You can cc us if want at info@rebelpilgrim.com.
  • The 43 theaters nationwide are all listed at www.strangehappymovie.com. They all screen the movie for 7 days starting Friday multiple times everyday. So just show up and get a ticket like any other movie.
  • The theaters decide if we will run a second week on Tuesday Sept 17, so if you are going throughout the week try to go Monday Sept 16 if you can.

Thanks! Especially for your patience if you’ve had any snags through this process. Let us know how we can help. We aren’t sleeping this week anyway.