Pulp Fiction

L'odyssée sanglante et burlesque de petits malfrats dans la jungle de Hollywood à travers trois histoires qui s'entremêlent.


  1. Anon 26.09.18

    2:09 WHAT? WHAT?

  2. Anon 26.09.18

    the infinity war theme is in this trailer but why??

  3. Anon 26.09.18

    Wtf.. 19m views in just 19hours.. Wtf wtf wtf..

  4. Anon 26.09.18


  5. Anon 26.09.18

    Sim BY ote. Really?

  6. Anon 26.09.18

    No, no no no, no tf is a SYM BI O TE

  7. Anon 26.09.18

    Nossa viadooooooooߘߘߘ

  8. Anon 26.09.18

    No se ve ta buena

  9. Anon 26.09.18


  10. Anon 26.09.18

    Oh man I'm so glad DC finally picked a good concept for a movie, I've been waiting for more [PROTOTYPE] for ages

  11. Anon 26.09.18

    The music was so avengers infinity war.

  12. Anon 26.09.18

    The most off thing about this movie is Pulp Fiction symbiote because the reason It is what is is because it was connected too Spider-Man so for it to look like Spider-Man or anything to Spider-Man makes no sense

  13. Anon 26.09.18

    Curious, didn’t the symbiote call itself Pulp Fiction after being forcefully separated from Spider-Man as to be the “Pulp Fiction” of Spider-Man? \nSince I see no Spider-Man here, where is the name, Pulp Fiction, coming from?

  14. Anon 26.09.18

    #1 on t r e n d i n g

  15. Anon 26.09.18

    Sony you better not screw this up I'm hyped

  16. Anon 26.09.18


  17. Anon 26.09.18

    This Pulp Fiction reminds me of spawn from the spawn movie

  18. Anon 26.09.18

    2:09 When Jeremy Jahns doesn't include your 1:16 comment.

  19. Anon 26.09.18

    It sounds like infinity war

  20. Anon 26.09.18

    I can’t wait for this we are Pulp Fictionmmmmm

  21. Anon 26.09.18

    Bring back Tobey maguire for spider man,he’s way better than any Spider-Man right now tbhߒߒ

  22. Anon 26.09.18

    I wish i could be an actor

  23. Anon 26.09.18

    If only it was MCU.

  24. Anon 26.09.18

    Me recuerda a alex mercer de prototype.......diganme ustedes

  25. Anon 26.09.18

    It’s LIT ߔߔ (Travis Scott voice)

  26. Anon 26.09.18

    Movie is gonna flop boring storyline

  27. Anon 26.09.18

    What I want to know is where are the pictures of Spider-Man!?

  28. Anon 26.09.18

    DC is on suicide watch !!!!

  29. Anon 26.09.18


  30. Anon 26.09.18

    Yeah this gonna be hardߒߔ

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