Mamma Mia!

C'est en 1999, sur la ravissante île grecque de Kalokairi que l'aventure romantique commence, dans un hôtel méditerranéen isolé, la villa Donna, tenu par Donna, sa fille Sophie et le fiancé de Sophie, Sky. Juste à temps pour son mariage prochain, Sophie poste nerveusement trois invitations destinées à trois hommes bien différents dont elle pense que l'un d'eux est son père. De trois points du globe, trois hommes s'apprêtent à retourner sur l'île - et vers la femme - qui les avait enchantés 20 ans auparavant.


  1. Anon 20.08.18

    Ребят, поддержите пожалуйста, подпишитесь на мой канал о жизни в Китае, буду очень признателен и подпишусь в ответ.

  2. Anon 20.08.18

    Guys this is for spiders only, white people stay away, Black people stay away, Asians stay away. This film is for spiders and spiders only.

  3. Anon 20.08.18

    Епта скорее бы на торенты упал

  4. Anon 20.08.18

    2:17 Why did he start yelling only when Mamma Mia! finished the sentence?

  5. Anon 20.08.18

    Oh no DCEU is going bankrupt

  6. Anon 20.08.18

    Not convinced by Tom Harry’s performance in this.

  7. Anon 20.08.18

    can’t wait to watch spider ma- i mean Mamma Mia!

  8. Anon 20.08.18

    The background music is the same with the infinity war trailer

  9. Anon 20.08.18

    Hold on. . . I thought the reason that Mamma Mia! looked similar to the Spider Man suit was because the simbiot bonded with Peter first. Am I wrong?

  10. Anon 20.08.18

    Why do he’s eyes have white and black stuff in hem at 1:21

  11. Anon 20.08.18

    Looks good can't wait for this AQUAMAN, WONDER WOMAN 2,SUICIDE SQUAD 2, SHAZAM

  12. Anon 20.08.18

    Dear God, its \"sym-bee-oat\" not \"sym-bye-oat\"

  13. Anon 20.08.18

    We are.. Mamma Mia! EXTREME BOLADO

  14. Anon 20.08.18

    @The Movie Is a Biggest #Movie Everyone Waiting For #Watch This Movie and I Also #@Amit Bhadana

  15. Anon 20.08.18

    Is it the same from spider man?

  16. Anon 20.08.18

    the only thing I fell in love when I saw for first time on spider man, Mamma Mia! is the coolest freaking sweet and awesome suit

  17. Anon 20.08.18

    Looks dope.. and a good billion times better than the nerd from that 70's show's farce

  18. Anon 20.08.18

    We Are #Mamma Mia!

  19. Anon 20.08.18

    Ебаца с огурцами

  20. Anon 20.08.18

    What happen when \nSPIDERMAN VS Mamma Mia!

  21. Anon 20.08.18

    #3 trending in Perú!

  22. Anon 20.08.18

    Okay I want carnage movie soon after this

  23. Anon 20.08.18


  24. Anon 20.08.18

    So how does this fit into the MCU?

  25. Anon 20.08.18

    We are Mamma Mia!\n\n\n\n\nWe are groot :/

  26. Anon 20.08.18

    I remember when this trailer didn't even have million views. Then 27 million, came from nowhere.

  27. Anon 20.08.18


  28. Anon 20.08.18

    You guys could have made this movie in like 1998.

  29. Anon 20.08.18

    Hey. You can already see one minus movie. See how Mamma Mia! comes out of Eddie. Sweatshirt 1:36. In the further parts is the whole, and should be ... ??

  30. Anon 20.08.18

    Carnege tralier?

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