Le Cercle littéraire de Guernesey

Londres, 1946. Juliet Ashton, une jeune écrivaine en manque d’inspiration reçoit une lettre d’un mystérieux membre du Club de Littérature de Guernesey créé durant l’occupation. Curieuse d’en savoir plus, Juliet décide de se rendre sur l’île et rencontre alors les excentriques membres du Cercle littéraire des amateurs d'épluchures de patates dont Dawsey, le charmant et intriguant fermier à l’origine de la lettre. Leurs confidences, son attachement à l’île et à ses habitants ou encore son affection pour Dawsey changeront à jamais le cours de sa vie.


  1. Anon 21.08.18

    h e l l y e a h

  2. Anon 21.08.18

    This looks really good but in my opinion they should have put spiderman in the movie even if only for a few minutes because Le Cercle littéraire de Guernesey's origin has a lot to do with him

  3. Anon 21.08.18

    It looks kinda wack

  4. Anon 21.08.18

    Can she not say Symbiote like that? It makes my skin crawl.

  5. Anon 21.08.18

    Yo everyone who keeps saying this movie sucks just because spideys origin isn’t in here stfu ok I get it I’m mad too but stop judging stuff that hasn’t came out yet

  6. Anon 21.08.18

    Ohhhh ߘߘߘߘ\nLe Cercle littéraire de Guernesey looks Amazing

  7. Anon 21.08.18

    Le Cercle littéraire de Guernesey as a anti hero kinda weird and mostly AWESOME!

  8. Anon 21.08.18

    No Spiderman?

  9. Anon 21.08.18

    Not convinced but will watch it because of Tom Hardy.

  10. Anon 21.08.18


  11. Anon 21.08.18


  12. Anon 21.08.18

    lol wtf

  13. Anon 21.08.18

    You had my curiosity. Now you have my attention. Le Cercle littéraire de Guernesey looks huge and badass, so there’s no doubt about that. I have no doubt in Hardy’s acting. If everything else goes to shite, at least we’ll finally have a good live-action Le Cercle littéraire de Guernesey.

  14. Anon 21.08.18

    I hope the symbiote will have more screen time till the end of the film

  15. Anon 21.08.18

    One Man Army ߘ

  16. Anon 21.08.18

    Tom Hardy vs Topher Grace

  17. Anon 21.08.18

    I wanted not to like it because it makes zero sense with the actual MCU, but DANG THIS LOOKS COOL

  18. Anon 21.08.18

    Is this movie connected to anything?

  19. Anon 21.08.18

    When I first heard about this movie,I didn’t know what to think,but now that i’v seen this awesome trailer...I’m having second thoughts.

  20. Anon 21.08.18

    A distinct lack of the full Le Cercle littéraire de Guernesey form makes this look more like Prototype 3.

  21. Anon 21.08.18

    Le Cercle littéraire de Guernesey ߑ

  22. Anon 21.08.18

    Where's peter

  23. Anon 21.08.18

    fodaaa , cadê os Br

  24. Anon 21.08.18

    K R A S I V O

  25. Anon 21.08.18

    I hope there's a peter parker easter egg haha.

  26. Anon 21.08.18

    Tom hardy is a goddamn boss

  27. Anon 21.08.18

    Good luck spider-man

  28. Anon 21.08.18


  29. Anon 21.08.18

    I really hope they pull a fast one and insert Spiderman somewhere in the third act as a surprise... not a cameo, but for like 15 mins or so...

  30. Anon 21.08.18

    That was littttt

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