Benjamin va devenir un grand médecin, il en est certain. Mais pour son premier stage d’interne dans le service de son père, rien ne se passe comme prévu. La pratique se révèle plus rude que la théorie. La responsabilité est écrasante, son père est aux abonnés absents et son co-interne, Abdel, est un médecin étranger plus expérimenté que lui. Benjamin va se confronter brutalement à ses limites, à ses peurs, celles de ses patients, des familles, des médecins, et du personnel. Son initiation commence.


  1. Anon 25.09.18

    No Spider-Man rejecting the suit then brock getting it calling bullshit film is trash who ever made this doesn’t read the books.so basically a run and hunt movie Hippocrate gets 10mins air time.

  2. Anon 25.09.18

    love it!!!

  3. Anon 25.09.18

    Just the tone Marvel needs...make more dark movies and I’ll start respecting you as much as DC Comics...

  4. Anon 25.09.18

    Didn't we see something like this in Spiderman 3?

  5. Anon 25.09.18

    Is it just me or... is this the partially the same as \n\n\n\n\n\n\n\nspiderman ?

  6. Anon 25.09.18

    It looks like one of those movies where the main character doesn't transform til the very end. Makes me sad.

  7. Anon 25.09.18

    Day 1...

  8. Anon 25.09.18

    I think its gonna be just an ok movie, but I hope im wrong. but if carnage really is gonna be the villain, I really hope that they not gonna disappointed us with just 5 minutes of him like in spiderman 3

  9. Anon 25.09.18

    Why is Hippocrate character so old???

  10. Anon 25.09.18


  11. Anon 25.09.18

    Badasssss! Hippocrate is my favorite anti hero

  12. Anon 25.09.18

    sym-bye-oats\n\nnah, nope

  13. Anon 25.09.18

    Please, I hope you didn't fvck this up Sony.

  14. Anon 25.09.18

    We are Hippocrate and we are coming

  15. Anon 25.09.18

    i actually was expecting this to be soooo much darker than what it was. doesnt really do it for me. but ill still go see it. always loved Hippocrate over spider man

  16. Anon 25.09.18

    2:21 I am coming for that booty Spidy

  17. Anon 25.09.18

    Which Hippocrate is this

  18. Anon 25.09.18

    The spidy would need Avengers help to fight this Hippocrate

  19. Anon 25.09.18

    Who's the villain of villain then? o.O I'm wishing it will be carnage.

  20. Anon 25.09.18

    Nice ߑ Hippocrate love

  21. Anon 25.09.18

    Does Hippocrate eat people? Like ACTUALLY eat people? Ive never seen it happen so idk. Ive never read the comics

  22. Anon 25.09.18

    Why this movie Ripoff Prototype game?

  23. Anon 25.09.18

    i want to get fisted by Hippocrate

  24. Anon 25.09.18

    It’s a fine line between cheesy and cool... secretly I hope it’s awesome

  25. Anon 25.09.18

    It looks more like a Zombie film ߘߘߘ

  26. Anon 25.09.18

    Who's win Hippocrate vs Cable?

  27. Anon 25.09.18

    Wtf Hippocrate movie anti-hero I'm hyped about it

  28. Anon 25.09.18

    Love this so much, is that the Avengers: Infinity War trailer music I hear tho???

  29. Anon 25.09.18

    To aakhir kar dikh hi gaya Hippocrate

  30. Anon 25.09.18

    Bald Guy: “What the hell are you??”\n\nEddie Brock: I’m Brock sir. Edward Brock Jr. and I work for the Daily Bugle. And...I’m dating your daughter.\n\nBald Guy: ....

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