Les Nouveaux sauvages

L'inégalité, l'injustice et l'exigence auxquelles nous expose le monde où l'on vit provoquent du stress et des dépressions chez beaucoup de gens. Certains craquent. Les Nouveaux sauvages est un film sur eux.

Vulnérables face à une réalité qui soudain change et devient imprévisible, les héros des Nouveaux sauvages franchissent l'étroite frontière qui sépare la civilisation de la barbarie. Une trahison amour, le retour d'un passé refoulé, la violence enfermée dans un détail quotidien, sont autant de prétextes qui les entraînent dans un vertige où ils perdent les pédales et éprouve l'indéniable plaisir du pétage de plombs.


  1. Anon 21.08.18

    Wow looks fucking awesome! Can't wait to see it!

  2. Anon 21.08.18

    That's a bit too much boring for me.

  3. Anon 21.08.18


  4. Anon 21.08.18

    Tom Hardy es un muy buen actor

  5. Anon 21.08.18

    How silly

  6. Anon 21.08.18

    Please don't mess this up sony.

  7. Anon 21.08.18

    I can’t take Tom Hardy seriously with the American accent

  8. Anon 21.08.18

    What I’m scared about this movie is what if they only use that one scene revealing the suit but the rest of the movie is just Eddie Brock

  9. Anon 21.08.18

    Thought he was a villan.

  10. Anon 21.08.18


  11. Anon 21.08.18

    Where spider man

  12. Anon 21.08.18

    Creo que va a estar muy buena

  13. Anon 21.08.18

    I honestly don't see how this can work. The only thing that I liked about this trailer is the cool design of Les Nouveaux sauvages. Other than that, the story might be meh

  14. Anon 21.08.18

    Les Nouveaux sauvages is Iove(?)

  15. Anon 21.08.18


  16. Anon 21.08.18


  17. Anon 21.08.18

    [ Hueso ]

  18. Anon 21.08.18

    Congrats for being #1 on trending.

  19. Anon 21.08.18

    Homem Aranha 2 da Marvel já tem continuação parceria entre Marvel e Sony carai kkkk

  20. Anon 21.08.18

    My absolute favorite Marvel character!

  21. Anon 21.08.18


  22. Anon 21.08.18

    I know you guys remember all those fake fan made trailers for a Les Nouveaux sauvages and carnage a few years back

  23. Anon 21.08.18

    This is everything I've ever dreamed of a Les Nouveaux sauvages movie, well done sony!!!!

  24. Anon 21.08.18

    We Are Les Nouveaux sauvages

  25. Anon 21.08.18


  26. Anon 21.08.18

    The very idea of this movie turned me off I tried to be open minded. But I just can’t get excited about this. I wanted to but so much of this screams a desperate last ditch effort to bleed the IP dry. I’ve watched the trailer twice now and keep finding more things to dislike. \nHis accent is terrible. Bane was easier on the ears. \nSound effects don’t fit and are as generic as they come.\nThe tentacles/webs invoke more of a “Prototype” vibe then symbiont and it doesn’t look good or really fit. \nCash grab and recycled ideas from Amazing Spider-Man 2 (weren’t we trying to forget!?)\nNo Spider-Man, which under cuts Brock’s character giving no motive for Brock or the symbiont and makes him a far less compelling. Why would he look like or be a twisted version of Spider-Man if not bonded with Spidy first?\nLes Nouveaux sauvages is NOT an antihero! Tagline is wrong. He just wants to “kill the spider”\nBig set piece is over the top silly motor cycle chase?! That will be one of the early displays of his power?!\nLes Nouveaux sauvages in full costume(is it a costume?) will be in the last 10 mins at most. \nNo connective tissue to MCU (huge miss)\n \nDon’t like the gummy bear aesthetic but I do like that he said “we”

  27. Anon 21.08.18


  28. Anon 21.08.18

    yay yet another superhero movie

  29. Anon 21.08.18

    Most Marvel movies either bore me or are great with a tub of popcorn and some sour patch kids... This actually looks phenomenal.

  30. Anon 21.08.18

    Venon as the good guy?

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