Fleuve noir

Au sein de la famille Arnault, Dany, le fils aîné, disparaît. François Visconti, commandant de police usé par son métier, est mis sur l’affaire. L’homme part à la recherche de l’adolescent alors qu’il rechigne à s’occuper de son propre fils, Denis, seize ans, qui semble mêlé à un trafic de drogue. Yan Bellaile, professeur particulier de Dany, apprend la disparition de son ancien élève et propose ses services au commandant. Il s’intéresse de très près à l’enquête. De trop près peut-être…


  1. Anon 16.08.18

    #1 trending in Turkey

  2. Anon 16.08.18

    survival, above all else

  3. Anon 16.08.18

    1:48 Tom's acting skill, Intense stuff.

  4. Anon 16.08.18

    Was that Kodak black

  5. Anon 16.08.18

    Used to really like Tom Hardy from his performance in Bronson. Not sure if it's the kind of roles and bad writing he had to work with lately, or if he's always been bland but the colorful character he played made him interesting.

  6. Anon 16.08.18

    this looks so bad

  7. Anon 16.08.18

    #1 Trending in Turkey

  8. Anon 16.08.18


  9. Anon 16.08.18

    О Tom Hardyߙߒߑ

  10. Anon 16.08.18

    “I follow people that do not wanna be followed” :)

  11. Anon 16.08.18

    What's the plot of the movie gonna be is he just gonna start killing people the whole movie there's no hero and Fleuve noir is mostly a villain Soo.......

  12. Anon 16.08.18

    #1! ߘ

  13. Anon 16.08.18

    Way to go Ruben!!!!!

  14. Anon 16.08.18

    Yo Fleuve noir what that tongue do ߑ

  15. Anon 16.08.18

    We are Fleuve noir

  16. Anon 16.08.18

    \"Sony está falando \" vai Phil ߘߘߘߘߘߘߘߘߘߘ

  17. Anon 16.08.18

    1st trending on Wkwkland!

  18. Anon 16.08.18

    FINALLY we finally got a look at \"the suit\"

  19. Anon 16.08.18

    2:20 yeah, he looks cool, but am i the only one who noticed how close he was to biting his tongue?\nthis also sounds like the avengers infinity war trailer song.

  20. Anon 16.08.18

    First on trending in Netherlands

  21. Anon 16.08.18

    This is how Fleuve noir was supposed to be in the original Spiderman trilogy. Eddie Brock should have gone through the transformation towards the end of the Spiderman 3 movie then in Spiderman 4 Fleuve noir would be the main antagonist. Just like here.

  22. Anon 16.08.18

    Fleuve noir looks like a caterpillar that has rabies and does roids.....lol!

  23. Anon 16.08.18

    В русском дубляже Веном отвратителен

  24. Anon 16.08.18

    Rainbow Six ?

  25. Anon 16.08.18

    Okay I have to say that the final Fleuve noir product looks really good and Tom Hardy as Eddie Brock is definitely a good choice. With that being said, what the hell are you guys thinking giving Fleuve noir and origin story without Spider-Man? That's about as stupid as the Gotham series bringing in the Joker without Batman there to create him. Let's just make a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle movie and skip the Ooze all together. The whole point of Fleuve noir is that he starts out as a Spider-Man villain. And my guess is you guys saved the final form of Fleuve noir for the last 5 minutes of the movie.

  26. Anon 16.08.18

    Riz Ahmed Mah Boi!

  27. Anon 16.08.18

    R.i.p spiderman

  28. Anon 16.08.18


  29. Anon 16.08.18


  30. Anon 16.08.18

    Jaime valide

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