Under The Silver Lake

À Los Angeles, Sam, 33 ans, sans emploi, rêve de célébrité. Lorsque Sarah, une jeune et énigmatique voisine, se volatilise brusquement, Sam se lance à sa recherche et entreprend alors une enquête obsessionnelle surréaliste à travers la ville. Elle le fera plonger jusque dans les profondeurs les plus ténébreuses de la Cité des Anges, où il devra élucider disparitions et meurtres mystérieux sur fond de scandales et de conspirations.


  1. Anon 25.09.18

    And carnage please

  2. Anon 25.09.18

    Looks better than expected and even though Tom Hardy is my favorite actor of all time, I'm still a little worried about this film. Can anyone tell me, is this going to be connected AT ALL to the MCU? Meaning, will Spider-Man and or Avengers be mentioned or will Tom Holland show up with a cameo? I know there are rumors but if it's been confirmed let me know please. Thanks!

  3. Anon 25.09.18

    Shots in the bay area ayeee

  4. Anon 25.09.18

    Once again plot changes for no apparent reason. SAD as trumpster says.

  5. Anon 25.09.18

    La verdad se ve algo aburrido

  6. Anon 25.09.18

    please fight carnage

  7. Anon 25.09.18

    Sounds like Avengers Infinity war trailer 2 theme... Hit like if you agree!ߘ

  8. Anon 25.09.18


  9. Anon 25.09.18

    Not good.... Bad version on spider Man and Dr. Octob

  10. Anon 25.09.18

    Ranking #1 in germany

  11. Anon 25.09.18

    *wth with \"sym-bye-ote\" thing?

  12. Anon 25.09.18

    Under The Silver Lakes design in the film reminds me a lot of the one from the Spider-man web of shadows game which is a good thing IMO.

  13. Anon 25.09.18

    So gehört sich das auf platz 1 der trends endlich ma was geiles auf platz 1

  14. Anon 25.09.18

    Agora eu coloquei fé no filme porque o primeiro trailer deixou a desejar

  15. Anon 25.09.18

    Isn't Under The Silver Lake suppose to be a villain.

  16. Anon 25.09.18

    I'm not lying but that's the ending. I hope us not true but it is.

  17. Anon 25.09.18

    LOL, they spoiled the whole movie in the trailer :D :D :D

  18. Anon 25.09.18


  19. Anon 25.09.18

    And then both Emo Peter and Topher Grace will show up and they will ruin the movie!

  20. Anon 25.09.18

    This movie's gonna suck.

  21. Anon 25.09.18

    Looks good, now let's hope that there's more than five minuttes of fullbody Under The Silver Lake.

  22. Anon 25.09.18

    For starters I gotta get used to saying, \"Sym-by-ote\"...but I have an open mind. The storyline of Under The Silver Lake is different, than what I know. I have a gut feeling female Under The Silver Lake will be cast. Maybe...just maybe...Carnage may appear. Under The Silver Lake being a vigilantly. But will I see this movie on open weekend?...maybe. I hope MCU is strongly influenced

  23. Anon 25.09.18

    Wtf is sym-bye-yote?!?!

  24. Anon 25.09.18

    Esta se ve mejor que la Mierda de la Justicia!

  25. Anon 25.09.18

    2:17 we want more screentime of aka Under The Silver Lakeߙ

  26. Anon 25.09.18

    2:23 'lashes out tongue'\nMe: \"WE GUSTA!!!!\"

  27. Anon 25.09.18

    wowowowowo junst awesome

  28. Anon 25.09.18

    I can't get over the way She keeps saying sym-bi-ote??

  29. Anon 25.09.18

    What’s a sim bi ote ߘ

  30. Anon 25.09.18


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