Photo De Famille

Gabrielle, Elsa et Mao sont frères et sœurs, mais ne se côtoient pas. Surtout pas.
La première est « statue » pour touristes, au grand dam de son fils ado. Elsa, elle, est en colère contre la terre entière et désespère de tomber enceinte. Et Mao, game designer de génie chroniquement dépressif, noie sa mélancolie dans l’alcool et la psychanalyse. 
Quant à leurs parents, Pierre et Claudine, séparés de longue date, ils n’ont jamais rien fait pour resserrer les liens de la famille.
Pourtant, au moment de l’enterrement du grand-père, ils vont devoir se réunir, et répondre, ensemble, à la question qui fâche : « Que faire de Mamie ? »


  1. Anon 25.09.18

    Looks like Sony Fucked it up... Too bad, I love Photo De Famille and Carnage. CGI at the end looked like garbage.

  2. Anon 25.09.18

    No way is TOM HARDY fking this up,dis wil be gut muvy

  3. Anon 25.09.18

    Love it yay. No spoilers just the plot and a little Photo De Famille suit reveal. I happy now

  4. Anon 25.09.18

    You had it right the first time SONY. WTF is a \"Sim-by-yote\"?

  5. Anon 25.09.18

    Dear sony,\nIts pronounced: \"sim-bee-oat\"\nThe fact that you had that character say it wrong three times in 5 seconds pissed everyone off...

  6. Anon 25.09.18

    I like when these characters are taking seriously so hate the comedic nonsense!

  7. Anon 25.09.18


  8. Anon 25.09.18

    How can the simbyote and brock be Photo De Famille ?? I mean , spidey must have had the simbyote first in order to replicate spidey powers for brock plus neutrilize his spider sense and therefore brock will know spidey's identity ....

  9. Anon 25.09.18

    Poxa.... poster no final nao! Quer dizer q o filme vai ser ruim :(

  10. Anon 25.09.18

    Kinda reminds me of that old game The Darkness. \nAnd I'm not a big fan of the Symbiote pronunciation.\nBut seriously, Hardy's performance is looking great

  11. Anon 25.09.18


  12. Anon 25.09.18

    i love Photo De Famille and tom hardy but meh

  13. Anon 25.09.18

    that feel when you feel nothing

  14. Anon 25.09.18

    Finally a good dark hero movie..looks promising... just don't disappoint....

  15. Anon 25.09.18

    \"Why would we do that,\" gave me chills.

  16. Anon 25.09.18

    Sickk!!!!! Can't wait looks so dope

  17. Anon 25.09.18

    faith restored

  18. Anon 25.09.18

    Dude thank god that line is in the movie we are Photo De Famille cant fucken wait

  19. Anon 25.09.18

    I don't know what to think of this... Maybe it will be good or bad. Concerning Sony history I think this could be (If we're lucky) a good flim but with it's past I don't know

  20. Anon 25.09.18

    This is Photo De Famille or prototype 2 ߧ

  21. Anon 25.09.18

    I don't know.. it looks not \"right\" maybe??

  22. Anon 25.09.18

    Im starting to agree with james cameron

  23. Anon 25.09.18

    The movie better be much more exiting as this trailer! Facts

  24. Anon 25.09.18

    He said \"WE\"!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. Anon 25.09.18

    хм...разочарован ....

  26. Anon 25.09.18

    Prototype! Okno

  27. Anon 25.09.18

    man, the trailer gave away a lot of the story

  28. Anon 25.09.18


  29. Anon 25.09.18

    Another Avenger is coming...

  30. Anon 25.09.18

    Trailer is not good.... But hope the movie will be better....

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