Comment tuer sa mère

Dans la famille Mauret, les trois enfants n’avaient certainement pas demandé une mère aussi odieuse, déjantée… et dépensière ! Pour Nico, l’ainé, qui les entretient tous, c’en est trop ! Il propose à Ben, son jeune frère fainéant, et à Fanny, sa sœur complètement dépassée, une solution radicale : assassiner leur mère pendant le traditionnel déjeuner du samedi…


  1. Anon 23.06.18

    [email protected]

  2. Anon 23.06.18

    \"We Are Comment tuer sa mère\"\n\"The way i see it we can do whatever we want. Do we have a deal\" \n\nAhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!

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  4. Anon 23.06.18

    This might have a chance at being a good movie

  5. Anon 23.06.18

    Mad max

  6. Anon 23.06.18

    Deadpool vs Comment tuer sa mère

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  8. Anon 23.06.18

    Will I am not entirely sure of the trailer yet. I do know from comics the black symbiote was part of Spider-Man before Eddie ended up with it. The symbiote was also from outer space.

  9. Anon 23.06.18

    I drew Comment tuer sa mère in my sketchbook after seeing this trailer!

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  11. Anon 23.06.18

    Only thing you should really be afraid of is me...... Barely being in the movie!!!

  12. Anon 23.06.18

    Maximum carnage in the streets of SF!

  13. Anon 23.06.18

    Yoooooo...\nWow! Marvel is always winning!!! DC, take notes!

  14. Anon 23.06.18

    Anyone else hoping carnage is some sort of surprise end game villain in this movie? Especially if its rated R?

  15. Anon 23.06.18

    No no they can't do this. In one part of the trailer the main character says \"We will only hurt bad people\" then the symbiote says \"We can do whatever we want\". That is a complete contradiction of character. If anything the main character should be evil not the symbiote. The symbiote is from a benevolent race of aliens who only want to serve help and protect. It's thier human host who corrupts them and uses them for evil. So technically Comment tuer sa mère should just default to being good not evil.

  16. Anon 23.06.18

    It's so serious I forgot Comment tuer sa mère is from spiderman

  17. Anon 23.06.18

    I love Comment tuer sa mère, it's the coolest hero, oh anti-hero ever...

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  19. Anon 23.06.18

    I think the old peter Parker is backߒ

  20. Anon 23.06.18

    The reviews came out and it got a -10 out of ten, its a minus twenty since Sonys still paying for the mess they made with the Emoji movie

  21. Anon 23.06.18

    5.10.18 *

  22. Anon 23.06.18

    Bro I’ve watched this trailer like 10 times it’s so fucking good

  23. Anon 23.06.18

    WTF!! Is simpayote???

  24. Anon 23.06.18

    #1 en México

  25. Anon 23.06.18

    The way she says symbiote annoys me

  26. Anon 23.06.18


  27. Anon 23.06.18

    Their saint symbiot wrong

  28. Anon 23.06.18

    why Comment tuer sa mère looks so shiny? im expecting a bit more matte..

  29. Anon 23.06.18

    Batman (DC): Bane !!!! What are you doing !!!!\n\nwhy did you become Comment tuer sa mère (Marvel)

  30. Anon 23.06.18


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