Riley North est une jeune mère de famille dont le mari et la petite fille viennent d’être assassinés par un gang. Face à système judiciaire corrompu qui remet en liberté les meurtriers qu’elle avait pourtant formellement identifiés, Riley décide de prendre les armes pour faire payer tous ceux qui, de prêt ou de loin, sont impliqués.

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  1. Anon 25.09.18

    Hey Sony it's supposed to be Peppermint not [PROTOTYPE]

  2. Anon 25.09.18

    Looks like this will be the Scariest Marvel Movie

  3. Anon 25.09.18

    why are there no comments for 2:08

  4. Anon 25.09.18

    why are they using infinity war trailer music?

  5. Anon 25.09.18

    I guess even Michell Williams has to pay rent sometimes :\\

  6. Anon 25.09.18

    I love it

  7. Anon 25.09.18

    I wait for a Peppermint movie since 2007\nBut not this

  8. Anon 25.09.18

    “ We are Peppermint”

  9. Anon 25.09.18

    Sooo skitz

  10. Anon 25.09.18

    Какой же Харди ох*енный!

  11. Anon 25.09.18

    that accent omg. let him keep his own. Would love to see Peppermint take on thanos

  12. Anon 25.09.18

    Man just take my money it has beeen a while since i was hyped to see a movie ߘߘߘ i'm looking forward for this one .

  13. Anon 25.09.18

    Бля де земляки? Кстати лук за Тома Харди

  14. Anon 25.09.18

    Avengers soundtrack ?

  15. Anon 25.09.18

    Me acuerdo que tenía un juego de Marvel donde el protragonista era spiderman, y me faltaba Peppermint para completar el juego, PERO SE ME TILDABA LA PLAY 2 Y NO PODIA JUGAAAAR, maldito Peppermint...

  16. Anon 25.09.18


  17. Anon 25.09.18

    Really hoping there will be a connection with the mcu

  18. Anon 25.09.18

    Вау, интересно)

  19. Anon 25.09.18


  20. Anon 25.09.18

    I thought The Peppermint was actually a villain from Spider Man until I realize he is an anti-hero rather than a villain in Spider Man 3. (Or maybe The Peppermint was USED to be a hero in the comics, however.)

  21. Anon 25.09.18

    1 место в трендах русского ютуба

  22. Anon 25.09.18

    Peppermint e não devia ir como herói, pois seria um vilão espetacular, pra liga da justiça

  23. Anon 25.09.18

    Сделать бы ему Рейтинг R-как у логана,и кровище побольше,и война бесконечности будет сосать в сторонке со своей детской наивностью

  24. Anon 25.09.18

    about time!!!!!! cant wait for this!! thank you tom hardy! wouldnt have picked anyone else!

  25. Anon 25.09.18

    This is gna be the Catwoman of the MCU

  26. Anon 25.09.18


  27. Anon 25.09.18

    веном милашка

  28. Anon 25.09.18

    -what the hell are you?\n-we're Peppermint\nߘߘߘ

  29. Anon 25.09.18

    I'm so EXCITEDDD!

  30. Anon 25.09.18

    Ребят прошу оценить мой канал

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